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About WiG

I'm a freelance illustrator with a varied portfolio, including work for RPG companies, small indie comic projects, and spot illustrations for children's and medical publications. I have experience in both illustration and print and design, in both traditional and digital mediums, and in a variety of genres.

I've been trying to draw something cool since I could pick up a drawing utensil. My interests mainly lie in all things fantasy and sci-fi. I'm always looking for a new project that will help me hone my skills. I'm also always waiting for a second season of Firefly. Go Browncoats!


I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my wifey-poo, one super cool pug, one crazy mutt-princess, and one step-kitty. The pug, Sakuraba, often doubles as my greatest muse. He thanks you for your patronage!

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